Maccabi USA Rugby Partners with Volt Athletics

Maccabi USA Rugby athletes to train together around the country on Volt’s elite rugby-specific strength and conditioning platform

Philadelphia, PA; Seattle, WA – Wednesday, April 27, 2016: Today, Maccabi USA Rugby announced a strategic partnership with Volt Athletics, the global leader in technology solutions for sport performance training, to deliver rugby-specific strength and conditioning to all Maccabi USA Rugby participants. Volt’s technology allows for Maccabi USA Rugby athletes to train as a team, regardless of location.


“Volt Athletics enables coaches to deliver individualized training plans to both teams and individual athletes,” said Maccabi USA Rugby Head Coach, Shawn Lipman. “This is critical for a program like ours, where our players are located all over the country. This approach lends visibility and transparency into the players’ strength and conditioning programming, and ensures every athlete receives world-class training.”

Built by a team of CSCS-certified strength coaches in collaboration with premier sport performance experts across the country, Volt’s training upholds the proven, time-tested methods advocated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Based on simple inputs by the coach or athlete, Volt’s technology builds the optimal training calendar for each athlete, customizes the training to each athlete’s strength level, and generates an athlete’s individualized workout for the day.

Workouts are accessible via any device and include specific instructions, sets, reps, and prescribed weights, as well as visual cues, including photos and video. Over time, the rugby-specific training program grows with athletes by calibrating appropriate fluctuations in intensity, volume and exercise selections to help athletes avoid plateaus and overtraining. Maccabi USA Rugby players will pay a one-time nominal fee to gain access to their unique Volt training plan, and will be monitored by the IS coaching staff and a team of world-class strength and conditioning coaches.

ipad_platform_maccabi_001“Volt’s comprehensive strength and conditioning program we will be providing our players will be rugby-specific, with an emphasis on building muscle mass, strength, and stamina,” said Lipman. “We have a diverse group of elite athletes: we have players on the USA Rugby 7s Olympic team, and others that play professionally in the United States and overseas. With access to this comprehensive digital training platform and oversight by some of the strength and conditioning coaches working with the U.S. Olympic team, we’re ensuring our players will be the most physically prepared rugby athletes to compete at the World Maccabiah Games.”

The Maccabi USA Rugby squad will compete at the 2017 World Maccabiah Games in Israel, following a successful Pan American Maccabi Games where they won Gold in 7s Rugby and Silver in 15s Rugby. Lipman and his coaching staff will be holding various combines and tryouts in 2016/2017 details are available on the website:



About Maccabi USA Rugby: Maccabi USA, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, endeavors, through sports, to perpetuate and preserve the American Jewish community by encouraging Jewish pride, strengthening Jewish bonds and by creating a heightened awareness of Israel and Jewish identity. The volunteer organization seeks to enrich the lives of Jewish youth in the United States, Israel and the Diaspora through athletic, cultural and educational programs. We develop, promote and support international, national and regional athletic-based activities and facilities. We strive to provide Jewish athletes the world over the opportunity to share their heritage and customs in competitive athletic settings. We support programs that embody the Maccabi ideals of Jewish continuity, Zionism and excellence in sport. Follow Maccabi USA Rugby on Twitter and Facebook.

About Volt Athletics: Volt Athletics Inc.® (‘Volt’) is the global leader in technology solutions for sport performance training. Volt provides individually prescribed sport-specific training programs, built by certified strength coaches through cloud-based technology. Volt’s unique delivery system enables coaches and athletes, from high school to professional, to access elite-level training. For more information, please visit

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